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Online Lessons

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The online lessons are suitable for beginners to advanced students. The lessons are categorized as easy, medium or difficult. For those who have no experience with yoga or Pilates, there are introductory videos to learn the basics first.

Breathy Yoga (1:29 of 48 min)
40-60min, English, Medium, Video

Yoga Flow Hips and Shoulders (1:18 of 43 min)
40-60min, English, Difficult, Video

Autumn-Winter Yoga (1:05 of 33 min)
20-30min, German, Medium, Video

My approach to yoga is very sensitive, practical and functional. Train, mobilize, strengthen, stretch and relax. Breath to help focus. Focus to become more aware. Awareness to come into the moment. In the moment enjoy being in your body.

Pilates Complete (1:10 of 42 min)
40-60min, German, Medium, Video

Pilates Mat Work (1:10 of 30 min)
20-30min, English, Difficult, Video

Pilates for the Back (1:20 of 45 min)
40-60min, English, Medium, Video

Core strength, flexibility, coordination, posture and body awareness. These are some of the most important elements in my pilates videos. Clear and effective.

Revolving Triangle Tutorial (0:58 of 7 min)
5-10min, English, Medium, Video

Cobra Tutorial (1:17 of 6 min)
5-10min, Simple, English, Video

Side Plank Tutorial (2:29 of 6 min)
5-10min, English, Medium, Video

It's very important that you execute the exercises and poses correctly. I've made many tutorial videos with lots of information. HOW you practice is what can make the work safe and effective.

Fitter than a Fiddler (Part 2) (1:36 of 15 min)
10-20min, English, Medium, Video

Dancer Workout (1:04 of 40 min)
30-40min, English, Medium, Video

Home Office Break (0:46 of 10 min)
5-10min, Simple, English, Video

As an ex-dancer and former athlete, I can't help but put a few of these videos on the website. Train your body to become more fit, elegant, efficient and coordinated. How cool is that?!

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"I won't promise anything outrageous, but I can say with confidence that this bodywork will impact your life."

Mark Wuest