Online Classes for Yoga and Pilates

Practice Yoga and Pilates at home with video and audio lessons on a monthly subscription.  Your location.  Your time.

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For 20 CHF per month you have access to all video and audio lessons.  New material will be added regularly.  Subscription renews automatically, cancelation possible any time.

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Examples of my online Classes

Here are two examples of my teaching style.  Try them out and see if how it feels.  This trail  material is in German, but about 80% of the online audio/video offering is in English.

German Audio |  Yoga Allgemein | 15 Minuten | Easy

Video |  Yoga Allgemein | 29 Minuten | Medium Easy | Deutsch

(Please be sensible with your body.  Mark can’t take liability for accidents or injuries)


The online classes are intended for all levels.  Each lesson is labeled as beginner, medium, or difficult.  For those with no prior experience, there are also introductory videos to give you the basics so that you can proceed safely.

When asked about my yoga style, I call it «sensible». My lessons are neither Boot Camp crazy difficult nor are they competitions to see who can do the most outlandishly distorted position.

Each participant is encouraged to do their best and to slowly push their boundaries.  But even more so, I want all to enjoy the experience of exploring body and mind through this work.

Questions and Information
Mark Wuest
+41 (0)79 331 08 29

«I won’t promise anything outrageous, but I can say with confidence that this bodywork will impact your life.»

Mark Wuest